With over 1,000 water system projects successfully completed for both municipal and rural water clients in our region, AE2S has the depth of knowledge and expertise to find the right solutions to your water supply, treatment, and distribution issues.

Planning is key.

Planning is key for any proactive utility. To have a trusted advisor work with you from the beginning to the end of the planning process with a shared vision of the future for your utility ensures that you have a quality infrastructure system that meets the needs of your customers. AE2S specializes in Concept Studies, Preliminary Engineering Reports, and extensive, multi-year Master Plans to help water utilities strategize, operate, and maintain a successful water utility. Strategic planning efforts are key components toward obtaining attractive funding packages. AE2S works closely with our clients through this process to secure funding.

Get to the source of the issue.

A successful water system starts with a reliable water supply and associated infrastructure. Whether you need to plan for and/or secure long-term groundwater and surface water appropriations, AE2S is poised to help. We have applied our knowledge to the design and construction administration of well fields, surface water intakes, and horizontal collector well systems for numerous municipal and rural clients around the region.

Making it drinkable.

Surface water versus groundwater, quality, aging infrastructure, residuals management and disposal, and meeting regulatory issues are just a few of the water treatment challenges across the region. AE2S was established when our founders recognized that regional drinking water systems were going to be challenged by ever-changing regulatory issues. Our focus on water has led to award-winning engineering design and construction administration on surface water and groundwater treatment facilities ranging in size from 30 gallons per minute to 40 million gallons per day using a broad range of conventional and advanced treatment technologies.

More than just pipe.

Most water distribution systems contain miles and miles of pipe that bring clean water to individuals, businesses, and industries. AE2S has designed and overseen the installation of thousands of miles of water lines in cities and rural areas with populations from 10 to more than 100,000. Distribution systems are more than just pipe, however. AE2S' comprehensive distribution system experience includes pump stations, transmission and distribution lines, water towers, and reservoirs. The ability to provide hydraulic modeling and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services add value to the robust water distribution systems we design for our clients.

From concept to completion.

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With our population dispersed over miles of prairie, essential rural and regional water systems cover the landscape of the Upper Midwest to bring clean, safe drinking water to thousands of rural water users and dozens of small communities. AE2S team members have worked with over 20 rural water systems throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. A combination of realistic design approach and aggressive funding development ensures our clients that the finished project will provide a sensible level of service and future expansion capability while minimizing capital debt and operating costs.

Be a super model.

How can modeling be beneficial for a utility? A computer model of a water system is a valuable tool that can assist the user in analyzing hydraulic performance over a wide range of operational scenarios. Using hydraulic modeling, problems can be anticipated in proposed or existing systems and solutions can be evaluated before time, money, and materials are invested in a real-world project. Applications for modeling include, but are not limited to, master planning, operator training, facility sizing, emergency response, real-time SCADA simulations, or system expansion and improvements.

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