Our expertise and experience spans from collection and conveyance systems to treatment, discharge permitting, biosolids management, regulatory compliance, and operator training.

Planning is key for a proactive utility.

AE2S specializes in Concept Studies, Preliminary Engineering Reports, and extensive, multi-year Master Plans to help wastewater utilities plan, maintain, and operate a successful wastewater utility. Strategic planning efforts are often rewarded with attractive funding packages. AE2S works closely with our clients through this process to secure funding. As a trusted advisor, we work with you from the beginning to the end of the planning process with a shared vision of the future for your utility.

Flushing it away.

What do most people think of when they hear the word wastewater? The collection from your home to the place of treatment? Wastewater collection is more than just the pipe that carries unwanted waste away from the source. It is the interaction between gravity flow, force mains, and lift stations and the part they play in the system as a whole. At AE2S, we understand the intricacies of operating and maintaining collection systems in small communities as well as large, complex systems.

Water to waste and back again.

Treating waste these days can mean doing a lot more than just putting in a lagoon. Whether it is regulatory challenges, aging infrastructure, increased demand on a wastewater system, or operational issues, AE2S has it covered. Our experienced team of wastewater engineers has the expertise to develop the right solution to not only meet present challenges, but achieve future operational objectives.

Be a know-it-all.

How well do you know your wastewater treatment and collection system? Wastewater system modeling combines wastewater technology, biological kinetics, chemical reactions and the power of computer computation to give you complete knowledge of your system’s capabilities inside and out. Whether you want to optimize what you have, understand what effects expansion or new regulations will have on your current system, or you are designing a new system from scratch, AE2S wastewater modelers have the expertise to ensure you have the most accurate information to make the right choices.

Wastewater reuse is a concept born of necessity.

When water resources become limited, additional alternatives start to become attractive. Wastewater reuse has been practiced successfully in the arid Southwest United States for decades. AE2S team members have been involved with wastewater reuse projects in Arizona (Pima County Wastewater and Tucson Water) as well as AE2S reuse projects in Watford City (golf course irrigation upgrades) and Fargo (softball irrigation concept planning). AE2S was also instrumental in the permitting process for Fargo’s industrial reuse facility, as well as serving in the owner’s agent role. Wastewater reuse is a proven solution for turf irrigation in arid regions, and AE2S has the expertise to guide clients through the practical and regulatory aspects of wastewater reuse.

Biosolids & Residuals

AE2S provides utilities with a wealth of experience in developing alternatives, developing cost of service and rate impact studies, and developing capital improvement programs that reflect both your community preferences and new technological advances. From the cost of service and rate impact aspects of your residuals management plan through facilities planning and application for financing, AE2S provides a full range of consulting, planning, engineering, and geomatic services for your utility. Our staff members have designed residuals dewatering equipment and systems for clients using aerobic, anaerobic and thermophillic digestion, belt thickeners, belt presses, and screw presses for biosolids, and plate and frame presses and centrifuges for lime and industrial sludges. AE2S provides operational planning and facilities design for biosolids, lagoon sediment, thickened food processing and composting for land application or surface disposal. Our staff have assisted our clients in obtaining permits for disposal of their Class A and Class B (503) sludges.

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