Boost your SCADA Skills

A SCADA system is an extremely powerful tool that enables you to monitor and manage system operations and increase performance. Our SCADA Mentor program provides one-on-one, hands-on instruction along with a customized manual on how to efficiently and effectively utilize your SCADA System, as well as how to utilize data to improve the performance of your system. The program can be customized for beginning to mid-level users and will help maximize your staff’s capabilities. In addition, we can focus on new technology tricks and tips.

  • Improve plant management (via better understanding)
  • Save time by increasing efficiency
  • Save money by learning to utilize SCADA results to improve performance
  • Save money in tech support by developing a more in-depth understanding of how your SCADA system works
  • Improve process troubleshooting approaches
  • Increase staff effectiveness & performance
  • Efficiently train new staff with written instructions
  • Save time with custom management & performance reports
  • Bridge technology gaps
  • Enable you to make proactive rather than reactive changes

For more information on SCADA Mentor programs, please contact Deon Stockert, PE at or 701-225-9636

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