Is your utility operating at peak performance?

Is your treatment facility functioning at peak performance, or could it use a boost? There are many factors that can contribute to a facility operating at optimal performance. Whether your treatment processes could use a fresh look into operational approach, your staff need basic or advanced continuing education on process chemistry, or you need immediate tech support, AE2S is ready to assist you in saving time and operational costs. A snapshot of our services are shown below:

Performance Assessment

  • Treatment process data collection and analysis
  • Standard operating procedures review
  • Laboratory quality control assessments
  • Water quality objectives review
  • Data trending analysis
  • Field measurements


  • Chemical feed process efficiency
  • Settling, filtration, thickening, and dewatering operations
  • Aeration control/efficiency
  • Pump efficiency
  • Groundwater well performance
  • Removal of target contaminants
  • Tools and benchmarks that gauge system optimization

Education & Coaching

  • Fundamental and advanced process chemistry
  • Biological treatment
  • Laboratory methods
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Basis for advanced process operations
  • Process equipment monitoring


  • Process and distribution/collection trouble-shooting
  • On-going tech support for process treatment and equipment including electrical and controls
  • Extension of staff services

Contact our experts for more information on how AE2S can help your utility and staff optimize performance at your water or wastewater facility.


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Contact Colton Janes, PE at or (612) 597-1728

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