St. Cloud Master Planning and WTP System Improvements

Recognizing the Issues

With twelve years of service since the last expansion, the St. Cloud Water Treatment Facility (SCWTF) was approaching a crossroads. Although the surface water plant was relatively “new”, numerous existing systems had been identified as problematic from either an operational, maintenance, or performance standpoint. The condition of process equipment was on the decline, regulatory requirements were increasingly strict with critical deadlines rapidly approaching, and consistent community growth was challenging treatment capacity of the facility.

Addressing Current Issues and Planning for the Future

The WTF Master Plan was the result of a collaborative relationship between the City of the St. Cloud and AE2S (prime) and Black and Veatch (subconsultant). The SCWTF Master Plan was a comprehensive planning document that evaluated alternatives to address both near-term goals and the long-term vision of the SCWTF. In an effort to first optimize the existing facility, the project team completed a detailed review of the current treatment facility and performed an on-site Facility Condition Assessment to identify potential problems and opportunities to optimize the existing processes. Technologies were evaluated based on process effectiveness with respect to Treatment Target Goals, constructability and implementation into the existing facility, and estimated total present worth of each alternative.

As a result of the SCWTF Master Plan, a number of rehabilitation projects were recommended for implementation in the near-term to ensure regulatory compliance, and several complimentary improvement projects were identified to address existing SCWTF infrastructure condition and/or operation and maintenance issues. In addition, future improvement projects were recommended to provide for the projected increase in potable water demand and to comply with anticipated future regulatory requirements.

Successful Implementation

The comprehensive evaluation of the existing SCWTF and alternative technologies allowed St. Cloud officials to make informed decisions for the future on the City’s water system, both technically and financially. The SCWTF Master Plan provided a valuable tool for addressing existing deficiencies, optimizing existing systems, and providing clear direction for the City of St. Cloud. Since 2007, the City of St. Cloud has successfully implemented more than $15M in rehabilitation, optimization, and improvements projects identified in the Master Plan. The Master Plan and associated Implementation Plan have provided technically and financially responsible direction for the SCWTF, both in addressing current issues and in proactively preparing the facility for the future.

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