Industrial Land Application Permitting

A regional industry produces approximately 10,000 gallons of thickened biomass sludge daily from the production of corn sweetener. The biomass is applied to agricultural land based on the available nutrients and concentration of metals in the biomass. AE2S was enlisted by this client to create a plan which was then submitted to the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDH) for review an approval. Upon obtaining approval, AE2S met with land owners and farmers on the sites targeted for land application and conducted a comprehensive review of the sites and a soil analysis. The information obtained from the site review and soils anaylsis was submitted to the NDDH in order to obtain permit approval for the application sites.

Once permits were obtained, the application rate was determined for each site based on the Land Application Plan requirements.

An annual Land Application Report was also completed for the client, which included a collection of biomass application documents from the past year, a summary of land application activities performed, and a GIS database of application sites, application rates, and heavy metals concentrations in the soil. This annual report was submitted to NDDH.

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