GIS Needs Assessment - City of Williston

Need for Analysis

The City of Williston has been experiencing rapid growth, creating increased pressure to manage and maintain its ever-changing infrastructure. To help with this, the City decided to implement a Computer Maintenance and Management System (CMMS) through Lucity. GIS is vital to the use of CMMS for horizontal assets. To transition the GIS to meet the new requirements for CMMS, AE2S provided assistance through formulating a future plan through a needs assessment, established primary control with a State Plane Coordinate System, collected surface utility and plat map features in the fields with survey grade GPS units, repositioned utility pipes and plat boundaries based on GPS collected, and updated attribute information. Having all the GIS data on a State Plane Coordinate System allows compatibility for future GPS data collected in the State Plane Coordinate System, which will minimize errors for the outer parts of town. The data collected and updated will be useful for GIS and CMMS for years to come.

For the GIS Needs Assessment AE2S held 9 interviews with 17 different interviewees from different departments, reviewed current data and workflows, and provided a report, which analyzed their existing system, listed interviewees expectations of GIS, provided recommendations for improvements to GIS, included a conceptual design for workflows and software architecture, showcased saving and value of GIS, and phased out an implementation plan.

Key Project Elements

  • Primary Control
  • Utility GIS
  • Plat and Parcel Mapping
  • Survey Grade Data Collection
  • Coordinate System Conversion
  • Mobile/Web GIS

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