GIS and Water Modeling Integration

AE2S was tasked with providing services to the City of Kalispell to assess their water distribution system with a primary goal of ensuring the City will continue to be able to provide a high level of service to its customers. Key project components included:

  • Update and calibrate a water distribution system model
  • Adjust and apply planning criteria
  • Assess the existing system and proposed system expansion
  • Identify current and future system challenges
  • Develop a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

To meet the key components of the project, ArcGIS and InfoWater, a hydraulic modeling software by Innovyze, were seamlessly integrated to make the most out of the best data available. ArcGIS and InfoWater were used to:

  • Update the water distribution network and analyze water main connectivity to ensure proper flow for modeling in InfoWater
  • Analyze water meter data to understand water demand per land use type and apply to existing and future areas
  • Assess the distribution system for meeting the needs of the existing system and future system
  • Create a survey application through ArcGIS Survey123 for collection field test data for fire flow testing and extended pressure testing
  • Implement a web map app to display records to the City staff with results from fire flow and pressure tests
  • Create map books and report figures to document system information, field data collection, system challenges, and proposed system improvements within a CIP

Project Snapshots

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