Fargo Computerized Maintenance Managements System

Putting a Plan Together

The GIS Implementation Plan outlined the existing system and prioritized action items with timelines to ensure appropriate tasks were completed on schedule. This included creating objectives, analyzing existing data, and providing recommendations. From the Implementation Plan, the team identified GIS layers that required work orders and maintenance tracking. They also standardized fields and terms and summarized attribute information. To spark conversation and provide a better perspective of the plan, the AE2S team created diagrams of the ArcServer Architecture and Workflows. These diagrams display the interaction of software, hardware, applications, and users and showed anticipated workflow between the database datasets, department responsibilities, and applications used.


Based on strategies laid out in the Implementation Plan, the team designed the schema and built datasets for water, streets, storm, flood protection, sign and signal, and forestry. They created development, testing, production databases, and datasets; imported applicable schema; edited domains, field, and subtypes; tested the development database; and imported the development datasets into the production database. In the final steps, the team updated GIS applications (desktop and web) referencing the datasets, and set up improved workflows by working with the City of Fargo GIS staff to develop tools that automate repetitive and time consuming tasks.

Plans for the Future

The City plans to implement the CMMS for the wastewater treatment facility, the wastewater lift stations, the water treatment plant, storage facilities, and solid works in the near future, with all data hosted on the new GIS-Centric Database.

Key Project Elements

  • CMMS Needs Assesment
  • Strategic Planning for CMMS
  • Business Process Review/Development

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