UND Stormwater Master Plan and Updates

The eastern part of the University of North Dakota campus is over one hundred twenty years old. A seriously undersized storm sewer system meant flooding problems and frequent water damage during rainfall events. In addition to surface runoff, roof drains connected directly to the system frequently taxed the piping to the point of blowing off manhole lids and surcharging roof drain systems above grade. Upsizing and improving the storm system, buried amongst a spider web of underground sanitary sewer, water, steam tunnels, communication ducts, and many other utilities posed an engineering and economic challenge to the University.

AE2S tackled the problem by conducting a comprehensive stormwater management master plan for East Campus. The study included a detailed subsurface investigation to determine the actual condition, composition, and extent of the system. Other underground utilities were surveyed to determine potential routing conflicts. A computer model of the watersheds and piping system was constructed to enable accurate analysis and efficient modeling of proposed improvement options.

AE2S stormwater experts then completed a preliminary design and cost estimates for a multi-phase prioritized improvement plan. The plan was presented to State officials and was instrumental in the approval of funding for much needed improvements.

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